Warm Bodies The Movie About Zombie Love

Photo by movieposterdb.com.

Photo by movieposterdb.com.

Warm Bodies”, have you heard of it? If you are a teenage or preteen girl, that’s most likely answered my question. And if you know a teenage or preteen girl, once again, I have my answer. But just incase you live under a rock and you have not yet heard of “Warm Bodies”, you cave people, you, let me tell you about it.

Photo by sassisamblog.com.

Photo by sassisamblog.com.

It was released February 1, 2013, and is listed as a comedy/horror/romance. Say what? Yeah, apparently it’s all three. Who’d have figured that one out. Except of course, if you paid any attention to my question about teen girls. Because then you might have guessed. It’s sort of like asking about “Twilight” except I actually like this movie. And R, the main zombie guy, yeah he’s really hot. For a fake zombie.

But according to this movie, I can come back to life if I just find someone to love me. Worth looking into if you ask me. Especially if I can find a guy who looks like R. R and Z, we’d totally make a great couple, don’t you think? I do. And honestly, my opinion is really the only thing that matters.

R is played by Nicholas Hoult and then Teresa Palmer plays the girl who I don’t really feel like focusing on right now. I’m sure she’s great too, but really, I like the lesson of this movie. You should love zombies, not kill them. Because we’re pretty great and even if we do eat your boyfriend or something, you can still love us because we can change. It’s been a full 4 days now since I’ve eaten anybody. Trust me, that’s progress.

My fingers feel like they might fall off soon so just watch the movie if you want to watch a zombie movie where the zombies are awesome and people love them and zombies save people. It’s a pretty epic story really. More zombie movies should be like this.

Enjoy the trailer if you want and for now, try not to get bit.



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