Plants Eating Zombies and All That Nerdiness: Why I love Plants vs Zombies

Balloon zombie plants vs zombies

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I have to admit, I’m a nerd at heart. Even though my heart no longer beats, I’m pretty sure I still have one. I haven’t

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actually checked. But really, it’s a turn of phrase anyways, to be something at heart. So let’s not get all technical here. I love video games. And you know what some of the best video games happen to be about? You guessed it, or you better have. It’s not hard folks. The best video games, at least some, happen to be about zombies! Yes, zombies! Who doesn’t love zombies? Don’t answer that question wrong or I will eat your brains.

Call of Duty Black Ops Game Case

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For example, games that you can get on your cell phone. If you just go to the App store and type in zombie games, you can pull up at least 50 or more free zombie games you can download. That’s a lot.

There are also tons of video games that have to do with zombies. Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010) is probably one of the major ones that people play. A few other examples are Left 4 Dead 2 (2009) and Resident Evil (1996). All of these are really more on the gory side, but not all of the video games are super bloody and violent that have to deal with zombies.

The newest version of the popular computer games, The Sims 3 even has zombies in it. They do eat your plants which is kind of a pain but other than that, they’re pretty harmless and go back to normal after the sun rises, sort of like a werewolf or something.

Sims 3 zombie

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My favorite zombie game though would have to be Plants vs. Zombies. Did you know it won like 30 awards? That’s pretty cool, right? I think so. And as I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned, my opinion is the one that matters here. My diary, so my rules. Maybe this whole diary thing isn’t so bad after all, maybe. Just don’t tell Dr. Smiley I said that.

Back to the game though, Plants vs. Zombies. In this game, you are trying to protect your house from the zombie invaders by using different kinds of plants to fight back and kill the zombies. I know it seems kind of self-hating, coming from a zombie and all, but it’s super addicting. I have it on my phone, the computer, Facebook, iPad and on my Xbox 360.

If you haven’t played it yet, you totally should. It’s cute, the little plants all have faces and the zombies are kind of silly looking but cute as well. Although I’d like to point out, they eat plants. So they’re like me, vegetarian zombies. And even though you are technically killing the zombies, their arms and heads fall off and stuff, it isn’t violent. It’s just silly.


Plants vs Zombies buckethead zombie

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Now that I’ve talked about my favorite zombie game, I’m going to get back to playing it. Remember, don’t get bit.



3 thoughts on “Plants Eating Zombies and All That Nerdiness: Why I love Plants vs Zombies

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  3. was never an all-out gamer, i’d usually just try out some trendy game and leave after i get bored, until i discovered PvZ. i think it’s the best game ever made.

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