Prom Drama For the High School Zombie

zombie in a fancy dressI’m a zombie and now I can’t go to prom! My life is ruined! Right? Wrong! Even if you end up becoming a zombie before your high school prom, it’s okay. I promise. I know that prom is typically a really big deal for girls in high school. Being a zombie does not mean you can’t enjoy a night of dancing in a crowded room full of sweaty, hormonal teenagers that you see pretty much every day but somehow all look awesome because they’ve spent all day getting ready and stressing over the right dress and the date and whatever else you do to get ready for prom.zombie in long white prom dress

Now, what should focus on as a zombie preparing for prom? The basics, of course, I’m not sure what else you would be focusing on anyways.

First, let’s talk about the dress. The dress is probably my favorite part anyways. Who doesn’t like to wear dresses? Maybe guys don’t but I know some of them do. Anyways, prom dresses. You can get prom dresses in a lot of places. Department stores, boutiques, and wedding dress salons also often carry prom dresses. Or if you are super creative, you could probably also make your dress. I’m not quite that talented so I’ve not tried that one myself. Also, I know people who have had friends with lots of dresses and have borrowed them, just incase you don’t want to spend money on one.

But what kind of dress should you be looking for? Well, for the zombie body, long dresses are typically best. This will hide any gaping wounds or missing pieces that might otherwise be self-conscious parts of the body for a young zombie girl. Sleeves are optional of course, depending on your arms and personal taste.

zombie in black and red prom dressMakeup is another basic that we should look at. Some girls might be okay with doing a more natural look. That’s fine. But don’t worry if you are a little more developed in the zombie area than others, full face makeup is perfectly acceptable and it will hide most face or head holes, like a nasty bullet wound or bad scar.

And last but not least, the hair. Hair is really an optional part. You can do with it whatever you want, no one will be too picky I would think. Just take into account your personal tastes and how much hair you have, which might depend on how long you were dead before coming back. There’s no shame in an up do that can cover bald spots or letting it hang down to cover a little rot on the neck or shoulders.

Prom is your night too. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t go because you are a zombie. You will be a beautiful prom princess. Well, maybe not a real princess but you get what I’m saying. And don’t worry about having a date. They’re totally overrated anyways. I had one for my senior prom and he ended up dancing with a guy the whole night, not me.

If anyone wants to buy me a really awesome dress and take me dancing or just out so I can wear it, feel free. Until next time, don’t get bit.



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