UnDead Teds: A Must Have Zombie Teddy

Teddy bears are probably some of the oldest toys around, and are still really popular. How many people had a teddy bear or eighty, something like that in my case, as a child? And maybe still have a special one that they kept for whatever reason. I might have a few of those. We aren’t talking about my childhood toys though.

Undead teddy bear

Photo by hiconsumption.com

The teddy bears I want to talk about today might not exactly be what you would be buying for your young niece or nephew or your own kids. Then again, maybe you would, I don’t know. But I think these teddies might be a little more for the adult audience. And trust me, they are freaking adorable! If I could find someone willing to hire a zombie, oh baby, I’d buy them all!

Bride UnDead Ted, bridal zombie teddy bear

Photo by UndeadTeds.com

UnDead Teds are what I’m talking about. Phillip Blackman, a British artist, is the creator of these zombilicious teddies. Seriously mom, or Aunt Ophelia, or even Dr. Smiley, if you read this, I really want one. Please and thank you. My death day is coming up soon, I think, can’t quite remember.

Back to the bears!

UnDead Ted, zombie teddy bear

Photo by kerli.buzznet.com

I was googling for other zombie related things when I somehow came across an article about this awesome artist. Thank you to the gods of Google and the blog that led me to these beautiful creations!

These bad boys do seem to sell out quick, seriously. Just as I was writing this, I went back to the site and the few that had been available were already sold. I’m not a huge fan of jumping on the bandwagon but for this fad, I’m going to make an exception. You should too.

You can either send your favorite bear to Blackman to be killed and transformed into an epic new favorite or you can buy a bear off of his website. The stock changes pretty quickly because they are a hot commodity it seems. But don’t just take my word for it, go look them up. I’ll bet you buy one too! And if you happen to be feeling generous, feel free to send one to your favorite dead chick.

Go get a cute but deadly teddy and don’t get bit.

UnDead Ted, zombie teddy

Photo by undeadteds.com

UnDead Teds, zombie teddy bears

Photo by UndeadTeds.com


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