Nerd Meeting Place, I Want to go to RTX

All you gamers out there, have you ever heard of Rooster Teeth? If not, look them up. Anyways, they’re based in Austin, TX. Which is cool because I can actually drive there. Well, you know, I’m not actually sure if I can legally drive anymore or not. I never thought to ask. I passed my driver’s test though when I was still alive. Just saying.

Photo by

Photo by

Anyways, this year in July is their third annual convention. It’s called RTX and it will be all things nerdy with gaming and online gaming stuff and nerdiness. As we’ve previously established, I am on the nerd side and I must say, nerds are so adorable.

I want to go to this event. I might go, not sure yet. Must scrounge up fifty bucks for a ticket and find a place to crash of course. Maybe I’ll just bunk at the local graveyard. I’d fit right in with all the other stiffs, don’t you think?

Either way, it sounds like a lot of fun. If I go, I’ll take lots of pictures and stuff. Maybe I’ll meet a few other nerd loving zombies as well. You know, that actually sounds really bad when you say it like that. Because it sounds like we love to eat the nerds, and by that I don’t mean the candy. I’m not really a big fan of those things. I always thought they were too easy to inhale when I was little and that’s kind of a choking hazard.

Well, that’s it diary, just wanted to think out loud for a moment. I’ll keep you updated once I make a decision. Don’t get bit.



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