Creepy Children Shouldn’t Be Zombies

Maybe it’s just me, but I really took notice of the child zombies in “Walking Dead.” I have no idea why they stuck out so much to me, maybe it’s because I have a little sister, maybe it’s because they were just kind of short. Or maybe it’s because children are just naturally a little creepy.

Creepy child with bearSeriously, think about it. They start out as a parasite, feeding off of the mother until it’s born like some kind of alien. As you can tell, I’ve never had children. And then they don’t talk; they just stare atyou with big eyes and make sounds, like they’re speaking some kind of foreign language that no one else in the world knows, except maybe other babies.

I bet they’re actually planning a world takeover. In all that baby gibberish they use and stuff. Probably use those toy phones that aren’t connected to anything and talk to you and sometimes just ring randomly. Children’s toys are bizarre.

I stayed at my grandma’s house and my cousin lives there with her two year old. Maybe she’s three now. I’m not sure. But she was this Elmo toy that talks. And it kept going off during the night. Mega freaky, even for me.Creepy little bloody girl with doll

Since children are just automatically creepy, I feel like they shouldn’t be allowed to be used as demons or monsters or whatever in horror movies and in television shows. They also should just be immune to the whole zombie thing because well, to be frank, little children zombies running around would just scare me silly, probably make my heart start beating again or something.

Just picture one of those little toddlers with the chubby little legs, curly hair all flying every where, big eyes and grabby little sticky fingers, lurching towards you with a big open mouth, drooling and talking nonsense. Gives me chills.

Now that I’ve started thinking about and picturing creepy zombie children running around, I’m a little disturbed. Keep your babies germ free please. I don’t want to share my undeadness with your sticky fingered children. Thanks so much. Keep your children away from zombies, me, and don’t get bit.



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