Zombie Finally Got Hired

Guess what diary, this zombie got a job! Yeah, that’s right, a job. Like something that pays me money to do stuff. And it’s awesome. Because now I will be making money and that means I can go shopping because a certain zombie wants some new shoes.

Dr. S is super proud of me as well. Said that this shows I’m making massive steps in becoming more social and all that jazz. Because I got a job. Yeah, I just can’t stop saying that. I mean, seriously, I didn’t think it would happen because sometimes people kind of suck but still. A job is what I have now. Oh yeah.

So what is my job? Well, it’s not super glamorous, I’ll give you that. I’m going to be taking tickets at the movie theater by my house. I’ve been told I get other perks as well though besides that making money thing. I get free tickets to movies and one free snack every shift. Free popcorn or candy. Not a bad gig. And free movies. Plus money, of course.zombie in money

Also, there are lots people around my age that work there. Which is cool as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some friends and stuff. Maybe meet some cute boys or something, who knows.

I’m just so excited to finally have found a job. I only applied at like a million places or something. And this one is pretty easy I think. It doesn’t seem too terribly labor intensive or anything. The only bad part will be standing on my feet for so long but that’s okay. I don’t have to worry about circulation issues or anything in my legs. Haha. I guess that’s a perk of being dead.

As soon as I get my first pay check, there is this adorable pair of heels that I’m going to be buying from the mall. It’s going to be a long two weeks. I can’t wait though. Working in a movie theater, that kind of makes me like a normal young adult, does it not? I think it’s a common job for someone around my age. Money! I’m going to go make plans of what to invest my new money in, don’t get bit.



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