World War Z: Kind of a Cheesy Movie

The cheesiness in “World War Z” was a bit much for me. Yeah, the zombies were pretty creepy. Which is good, because in a zombie movie, I expect the zombies to be disturbing and make you feel a little bit on edge. So I applaud that. My movie watching friend jumped a few times, awesome. The movie wasn’t completely lacking in the jump factor then either. Which is also something that I look for in a movie about zombies taking over the world.

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I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the movie. I honestly liked it a lot. It was really pretty good. And the zombies were done really well, like I already mentioned. It’s an important part of the movie to me, for obvious reasons. And I haven’t read the book yet so maybe it does a better job at explaining a few things, but I did like the supposed “vaccine” idea. Or I guess it was more like a zombie repellant really. I also loved that the zombies could run. The whole biting thing though was just too creepy even for me. Although they looked like rats or chipmunks, snapping their teeth together, it was just way creepy.

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Maybe I just don’t like people with their teeth sticking out of their mouths like that. Or I just don’t like rodents or people who resemble them. But that’s not really important right now. What I wanted to discuss, or more rant about, was the sappy stuff in the movie.

Like having a happy ending. What the heck is up with that? I mean, seriously. I realize it isn’t even that happy of an ending, but they lead up to something bad happening at the end and it doesn’t. Yeah, it’s a good technique to mislead people and whatever so they don’t just guess what’s going to happen and all but really.

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What’s with saving everyone though? Instead of having someone get caught, most of the time it’s like they almost get caught but somehow manage to escape, every time. And honestly, every time is unrealistic and not all that entertaining. Sure, it’s kind of a relief when you get kind of scared and the adrenaline is building up but since each time it’s okay, it’s sort of a let down. There aren’t any other emotions in the film, which makes it kind of bleak in my opinion. The zombies had more emotion most of the time then the people it seemed. Seriously, what’s up with that anyways?

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Maybe it’s just my cynical nature but I’m not sure zombie movies should be quite so positive. Unless it’s “Warm Bodies” or something along that nature. Again, I’ve not yet read the book so I can’t tell how well the movie followed it. I haven’t heard from anyone that has read it as well as seen the movie yet so I am interested in hearing someone’s opinion on that.

Am I the only person who thought this movie had it’s emotions a little off though? I am curious what some non-zombies might have thought about this. Let me know if you have an opinion. Don’t get bit.


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