Redline, Awesome Band to Check Out

I feel like a cool kid right now. I found this local band somewhat at random and decided to check them out the other night at this club. The area was pretty sketchy, even for me. It looked like one of those kind of cheesy bad area type of places you’d see in a movie about some rich kids who get lost trying to be cool and go somewhere they won’t end up fitting in and starting a big fight because some girl thinks one of the supposed bad guys is hot or something like that.zombie with headphones

Anyways, not the point. The band was pretty awesome live. Because sometimes you get a band that sounds great in a recording but then don’t live up to the hype once you see them on stage. Thankfully, this was not the case. These guys rocked.

And it turns out they are going to be recording their first album in July of this year. Which is this month, sweet! They signed with group called Septien Entertainment. This was also announced the night that I saw them perform live.

Almost forgot, the group is called Redline. You should go and check them out. I really dig their song “Solar System” and the vocalist is pretty cute too.

I’m so much cooler than you for knowing about this. Just kidding, kind of. Anyways, check it out if you want to hear some good music from a band that’s got potential to go big and don’t get bit.



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