Best Ways to Cook Your Brains

Do you know how to cook your brains? Or how to serve them if you have a dinner party or a couple guests or maybe you don’t have any friends and you just need to feed yourself. Well, I’m going to tell you some of my favorite ways to prepare brains.

1. Sushi Style

Just eat the fresh and raw. Why not? It’s probably the simplest way to serve brains. Remove them from the head and eat. No prepping, no dishes to clean up, unless of course you eat like a civilized person and put them on a plate or bowl and use some silverware. That would probably reduce mess. The only problem with this style of course is the mess associated with the brain removal from the skull, but that’s really all. You can wait until it’s a little cooler or you can eat warm out of the head. You can also rinse off the blood or keep it on. That really depends on your personal preferences and tastes of course.

2. Brain-Lite

Brain-lite is the salad version for those of us on a diet or who are just in the mood for something a little healthier. Take a brain and serve it over Iceberg lettuce leaves, garlic croutons, chopped tomatoes, red onions, carrots, cucumber slices, shredded cheddar and then topped with a dressing of your choice, mine is a nice raspberry vinaigrette.

You can also serve this as a fruit salad option. Cut up the brain into bite sized pieces, mix with strawberries, banana, watermelon, black berries, slices of kiwi, apple, pineapple chunks, blue berries, raspberries, honey dew, and maybe some orange. I always add something a little extra, perhaps some Swedish fish or peanuts.

3. Fillet of Brain

Photo by

Photo by

You can grill steak-sized slices of brain on a grill, just like a steak. Marinate first if you prefer. Maybe in a mix of onions and blood, or you can add steak sauce or ketchup as some people do. Weird in my opinion. You can also serve that over sautéed mushrooms or onions and maybe with some red potatoes or mashed garlic potatoes. I prefer my steak rare but you can cook your brain steaks to whatever degree you like.

4. Brain a la mode

If you are more in a dessert mood and not looking for dinner, you can have brain a la mode. It’s like pie or something. It is also very easy to prepare and has little clean up. Simple is often good. For this you can serve the brain chilled or warmed, it’s personal preference. Just serve the brain with your preferred flavor of ice cream, a delicious dessert or maybe snack.

5. Brain Fajitas

The fajitas take a little more preparation. Slice up the brain into either trips or squares, once again, personal preference. There is no wrong or right way to do this. Along with your brain, you will want to cut up some peppers, red or yellow are my favorites, along with onions, mushrooms perhaps and throw all of that into a pan and get it nice and hot. You can add seasoning if you prefer, I don’t. Once you have it all hot, add it to your tortillas. You can also add things like refried beans, cheese, sour cream, or guacamole.

Instead of fajitas, if you prefer, burritos, quesadillas or tacos can all also be done with brain. It’s all rather similar and up to you. Freedom of expression and all that jazz.

All this talk about food is making me really hungry so I think that will be it for today. I’ll have more tips for you later. Not that I’m saying you should eat brains or anything, I’m just saying that if you happen to do so, you have options. That’s all. Once again, totally not promoting you go out and eat your neighbor’s brain or anything.

My stomach is growling though so I am going to go find something, not a brain, to eat. I’ll write more later, until then, don’t get bit.


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