Day 49


I kind of agree on that basis that I have never been to Michigan and don’t plan on ever going there… Also, a friend of mine is a HUGE Chicago Bears fan, yes I do have a few friends, and I think this is funny. I personally don’t know anything about football.

Zombie Spirituality

 I know when ZOMBIES take over this great nation and chaos ensues, we will be safe and sound in Michigan. We the people of Michigan have a savior that will be leading the charge crushing everything in his path with his bare hands and raw aggression. This man will no longer have a undersized man wearing a Footlocker uniform holding him back, and finally he can kick the legs off of anything in his path. This man, the angry beast is known as SUH!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t think of a better person to lead the charge striking fear into the eyes of the undead. I will go as far to say Chuck Norris doesn’t hold a candle to raw power this man can unleash. I can only assume that ZOMBIES will turn on themselves at first sight of him, or run in fear to seek feeble soft targets like Chicago Bears…

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